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Auto-école Fribourg AZUL est votre moniteur multilingue no.1
COURS L2 à Fribourg


Advanced driver safety training.

New drivers are required to complete the one-day advanced training course within 12 months of obtaining their provisional driving licence. Take the 2-phase training course at your nearest driving centre from Fribourg to Romont. We combine theory and practice for an exciting day of lessons.









Course objective :


To recognise and learn how to avoid dangerous traffic situations.

Learn more about economical and environmentally friendly driving.



The day's events:


In our practical workshops on distancing, emergency braking and cornering, you will learn how to avoid and better control dangerous situations. You will also discover the advantages of driving a hybrid and electric vehicle.




7.45am - 4.15pm




The course takes place with your vehicle. (manual or automatic)

If you do not have a vehicle, the Centre can rent one for the day at a cost of CHF 70.00 (insurance and fuel included) and pick you up at Romont station.


Price per day : 


360 CHF on weekdays and 390 CHF on Saturdays

(included: insurance for your vehicle, excess of CHF 1'000.00)

Source:L2 Romont

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